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Role of the ANCs

Referred to as "... a unique experiment in neighborhood democracy" by the League of Women Voters, Advisory Neighborhood Commissions (ANCs) were first established by the Home Rule Charter of 1973 and later approved by voter referendum on May 7, 1974.  ANCs function essentially as citizen advisory boards, representing the citizens of a particular neighborhood.  As such, the periodic meetings of the ANC serve the same function in an urban context as a town meeting does in a rural one

The specific role of the advisory neighborhood commissions, as defined by the D.C. Election code, includes advising the district government ...

" ... on matters of public policy including decisions regarding planning, streets, recreation, social services programs, health, safety, and sanitation in that neighborhood commission area."  (D.C. Code, Section 1-251(c)(1))

The law also states that recommendations made by the ANC ...

" ... shall be given great weight" (D.C. Code, Section 1-261(d)) ... as they deliberate on matters that affect the residents of the ANC area.

Sheridan-Kalorama ANC

The Sheridan-Kalorama Advisory Neighborhood Commission (ANC 1-D) consists of two commissioners, each elected from one of the two Single Member Districts (SMDs) making up the ANC area.  With its two commissioners, the Sheridan-Kalorama ANC is the smallest of the city's ANCs in respect to both the number of residents its represents as well as in respect to the size of the commission functioning as its board.  Consequently, the periodic ANC meetings serve primarily as a community forum wherein the residents of the neighborhood can communicate their concerns directly to the two commissioners.  In the periods between ANC meetings, the two commissioners work in tandem at resolving specific problems and managing community projects which will benefit the neighborhood as a whole.

A map of the boundaries of the Sheridan-Kalorama ANC as well as the constituent SMDs can be viewed here.

Sheridan-Kalorama ANC home page
Map of the Sheridan-Kalorama ANC

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