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District of Columbia Council
The home page of the district's legislative body.
District of Columbia Government
The home page of the district government (Mayor's Office, district agencies, school board, tourism, etc.)
District of Columbia Financial Control Board
The home page of the District of Columbia Financial Control Board.

Police Link and Maps of the Third District and Patrol Service Area 307Metropolitan Police Department
The Metropolitan Police Department's new website!

For a better understanding of the organizational/geographic layout of the police force protecting you and your property, please view the Third District and PSA 307 maps ... along with the accompanying explanations regarding Sheridan-Kalorama's repositioning to the Third District from the Second District, and the reasons for the establishment of Patrol Service Areas within the Metropolitan Police Department.

Metropolitan Police Department Phone Numbers

Emergencies 911
202-727-9334 TDX (for the Deaf)
Non-Emergencies   202-727-1010
Crime Solver and Tipsters

(Confidential Line)

Sergeant Erich Miller
PSA 307 Team Leader 202-673-6823 office
202-673-2142/ voicemail box #22408
202-673-2154 fax

MPO Robert Loproto
PSA 307 Assistant Team Leader

202-2142/ voicemail box #20261
Detective Leo Scully
PSA 307 Investigations
202-683-2142/ voicemail box #20254
Officer Stephen Bias
PSA 307 Patrol Officer
202-673-2142 office

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