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Mitchell Park Beautification

For Information:

Holly Sukenik, 202-332-2952 (phone)
Betsy Santarlasci, 202-328-3821 (phone),
202-387-0549 (fax)

  Holly Sukenik, along with other members of the community including Nona Shepard, has been instrumental in years past in assuring that our community focal point, Mitchell Park, not become an eyesore.  Among other projects, she has led efforts that resulted in the installation of a children's climber and repairs to the parks' embankments.  Currently, Holly has teamed with Betsy Santarlasci to spearhead an effort to organize a group similar to the successful Friends of Volta Park group in Georgetown.  The primary aims of the group are twofold.  Firstly, the group seeks to formulate a vision for the park, which is inclusive and reflects the needs and desires of the neighborhood as a whole; and secondly, it will work at implementing that vision via fundraising efforts and volunteer activities.

The Friends of Mitchell Park's inaugural fundraising event was held at the French Ambassador's Residence on October 16, 2000.  Pictured from left to right are: Jim Graham - Ward One Councilmember, Robert Newman - Director of Parks and Recreation, Holly Sukenik - President of the Friends of Mitchell Park, Marlis Carter - ANC 1D Vice Chairperson, David Catania - Councilmember (At-large), and Lance Salonia - ANC 1D Chairperson.

Mr. François Bujon de l'Estang, Ambassador of France with Betsy Santarlasci, Chair of The Friends of Mitchell Park's Fundraising Committee and Holly Sukenik, President of the The Friends of Mitchell Park


Spanish Steps Restoration

For Information:

Jean Tippett, 202-232-1178 (phone)
Holly Sukenik, 202-332-2952 (phone),

  The 1910 Spanish Steps, named after the famous Roman terrace by Michelangelo is a unique construction, part of the little known, rich heritage of our city and - most especially - our neighborhood. The Sheridan Kalorama Historical Association (SKHA) recently signed an adoption agreement with the District Government under the Adopt-a-Park Program. Under this program, the Spanish Steps will be restored in three phases during 1998 and 1999 - almost ninety years after their construction! Allan Hockett, architect, and John Pond, restoration mason, are being retained to restore the steps and fountain. Mr. Pond is the restoration mason at Dunbarton Oaks and has worked on numerous residences in the Sheridan-Kalorama area. Your past donations have made possible the planting of annuals and perennials as well as the ever-continuing maintenance. Your current and future donations will be instrumental in ensuring the structural integrity of the Spanish Steps into the next century!

Community Building Activities

E-mail your suggestions to the commissioners!   One of Sheridan-Kalorama's greatest strengths is its sense of community.  In an effort to improve on this sense of community and create more opportunities for the neighborhood residents to interact with one another, the Sheridan-Kalorama ANC would like to involve itself with sponsoring community building activities.  Your ideas on what sort of activities would be desirable are therefore encouraged and welcome.  Since the role of the Commission is to be a facilitator in the implementation of YOUR ideas ... it is essential that you be as innovative and communicative as possible!  Thanks!

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